L'atelier des artisans

#Les cuirs véritable<br>#Broderies authentiques<br>#Les maîtres-artisans

#Les cuirs véritable
#Broderies authentiques
#Les maîtres-artisans

Ivelina Stefanova and Stefan Bobevski are two Master Craftsmen that decided to revive the embroideries through a unique personal acceptance and understanding, portraying them on genuine leather products, modern jewellery and accessories aimed at both the more mature audience and the young people, for whom it is very often to remember the embroidery as a memory of a picture in a textbook.

Ivelina and Bobevski use both classical folklore motives and new, author's decisions, because they think the embroidery as such is not a constant. It has evolved and continues to develop over time, enriched by artists, along with the lifestyle and culture of modern times. That's why their products are different from all the rest you may find in the world.

The beautiful artworks of the two modern artists are made entirely by hand from the top quality Italian genuine leather in the cosy "Craftsmanship", located in the heart of the Central Balkans in the small Bulgarian town called Teteven.