I&B Bracelet 'Bagri' in green

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I&B Bracelet 'Bagri' in green I&B Bracelet 'Bagri' in green I&B Bracelet 'Bagri' in green

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Unisex bracelet from genuine leather with embroideries

Design by 'Ivelina'
Genuine leather of finest quality
Embroidery inspired by the Bulgarian folklore
Resizable lenght from 16 to 22 cm
Handmade in Bulgaria


Product Length: 23 cm
Product Width: 2 cm
Product Height: 3 cm


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€ 84

The bracelets of Ivelina & Bobevski are cut from the finest selected pieces of two different types of genuine leather. After this, on the soft leather the unique embroideries are created, and then the toning game for the underlying harder piece of leather begins, depending on the embroidery colours. There comes the moment when the parts are assembled into one whole to get their adorable look. This process guarantees the uniqueness of each of them, even those models from which several pieces have been created.
Ivelina & Bobevski believe that the accessories should be unique, as is the unique person they will enjoy. Therefore, even if we do not have what you want at the present moment, drop us a line or call us. They will contact you shortly and we assure you that they will do their best to transform your wish into a reality!